Recordings from the Black Sea, 2011
Release published by Dis Voir
MuCEM October 19, 2013
Lille Fantastic October 7-14, 2012
Centre Pompidou May 4, 2012
PS1 Art On Air August 8, 2011


Photo by Stephan Crasneanscki


Medea is a sound journey around the Black Sea.
An original composition based on recordings of radio waves as well as voice and sound fragments collected by Soundwalk Collective during a two-month crossing in a sailing boat specially equipped with scanners, microphones and high-range aerials.
Medea reaches into Turkey, Georgia, Russia, Crimea, Ukraine, Romania and Bulgaria and embarks on a sound reading of a region of the world whose quivering beauty remains cruel and obscure – akin to the ancient Medea.

The book follows the sound composition of the CD (included in the book jacket) and gathers photographs by Stephan Crasneanscki and texts by Arthur Larrue.
The ensemble invites the reader to become immersed in the heart of a strange and disquieting universe.

The Zag Zig series at Dis Voir Editions is directed by Philippe Langlois and Frank Smith. This original editorial space has, through a shift of translation, made sound works exist in the shape of books/records conceived with the artists in order to create artists’ objects that are flexible and innovating.

Mastering by Taylor Dupree from 12k Mastering

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