PRESS – 2018

Art Agenda– November, 2018
“Soundwalk Collective, Ulysses Syndrome”

Orb Mag– November, 2018
“Soundwalk Collective debuts on Marionette with new album”

XLR8R– October, 2018
“Soundwalk Collective returns with ‘Death Must Die’ LP”

New York Times – October, 2018
“Kreatur wraps its dancers in a succession of skins”

Manifesta – June, 2018
“Manifesta12 Collateral Events”

FANTOM – June, 2018
“Soundwalk Collective, Ulysses Syndrome at Manifesta 12”

Institut Francais – June, 2018
“La Sindrome di Ulisse”

Arts Life – June, 2018
“I luoghi magici di Manifesta Palermo”

Le Vie dei Tesori – June, 2018
“Cosa non perdere di Manifesta”

BFI – June, 2018
“Re-sculpting Godard: Soundwalk Collective at play in the JLG sound archive”

Orb Mag – May, 2018
“Ricardo Villalobos, Jan Jelinek and Petre Inspirescu rework Soundwalk Collective’s What We Leave Behind: Jean-Luc Godard Archives”

The Vinyl Factory – May, 2018
“Unravelling the archive: The radical sound of Jean-Luc Godard”

Boomkat – May, 2018
“Soundwalk Collective: What We Leave Behind – Jean-Luc Godard Archives”

Deutschlandfunk Kultur – February, 2018
“Illuminations. Von Soundwalk Collective und Patti Smith”

Radio France – February, 2018
“Illuminations. Sur les traces de Rimbaud en Abyssinie. Immersion au cœur du soufisme avec Soundwalk Collective et Patti Smith”

PRESS – 2017

Der Tagesspiegel – June, 2017
“Stachel im Fleisch”

Frankfurter Allgemeine – June, 2017
“Die Wollust der präzisen Formulierung”

Berliner Morgenpost – June, 2017
“Sasha Waltz zeigt in “Kreatur” Mensch als zerrissenes Wesen”

Berliner Zeitung – June, 2017
“„Kreatur“ im Radialsystem Sasha Waltz feiert erste Uraufführung in Berlin seit 2005”

5elect5 – May, 2017
“FILE 75 // Soundwalk Collective”

documenta14 – April, 2017

Boomkat – April, 2017
“Before Music There Is Blood”

NTS – April, 2017
“Soundwalk Collective”

Carnage News – April, 2017
“Before Music There Is Blood”

NTS – April, 2016
“Soundwalk Collective”

ArtHub – March, 2017
“Fantasy Access Code”

DesignBest – March, 2017
“Fantasy Access Code”

ArchiPanic – March, 2017
“Fantasy Access Code”

XLR8R – February, 2017
“Soundwalk Collective Record Elite Music Students for New Concept Project”

PRESS – 2016

The Art Newspaper – November, 2016
“Three To See: New York”
by Gabriella Angeleti

XLR8R – November, 2016
“Artist Tips: Soundwalk Collective”
by Luke Cheadle

Pop Matters – November, 2016
“Soundwalk Collective Killer Road”
by John Paul

I-D – September, 2016
“Soundwalk Collective: Music To… Question the Definition of Music”
by Alessandra Bondi de Antoni

Pop Matters – September, 2016
“Soundwalk Collective, Jesse Paris Smith and Patti Smith Pay Tribute to Nico’s Haunting Poetry”
by David Chiu

Mxdwn – September, 2016
“Soundwalk Collective & Jesse Paris Smith – Killer Road feat. Patti Smith”
by Drew Pitt

The Village Voice – August 2016
“Patti Smith, Jesse Paris Smith, and Soundwalk Collective Imagine Nico’s Final Hours”
by Judy Berman

Vice – August 2016
“Patti Smith And Her Daughter Cover Nico’s “Fearfully In Danger” And It’s As Amazing As You’d Expect”
by Noisey Staff

NME – August 2016
“Watch as Patti Smith and her daughter pay tribute to Nico on ‘Fearfully In Danger'”
by Rhian Daly

Rolling Stone – August 2016
“Watch Patti Smith Perform Foreboding Nico Tribute ‘Fearfully in Danger'”
by Althea Legaspi

The New York Times – July 2016
“The Playlist: Miranda Lambert Bounces Back and Michelle Obama Sings the Hits”
by Jon Pareles, Ben Ratliff, Jon Caramanica, Nate Chinen

Purple TV – July 2016
“Killer Road By Soundwalk Collective And Jesse Paris Smith Featuring Patti Smith”
by Christian Eede

The Quietus – July 2016
“WATCH: Soundwalk Collective, Patti Smith & Jesse Paris Smith'”
by Christian Eede

Mxdwn – July 2016
“Soundwalk Collective & Jesse Paris Smith Announce New Album Killer Road Featuring Patti Smith”
by Christopher Lee

Dazed Digital – July 2016
“Listen to Patti Smith’s haunting tribute to Nico”
by Anna Cafolla

Rolling Stone – July 2016
“Hear Patti Smith’s Chilling, Ambient Nico Tribute ‘Killer Road'”
by Kory Grow

Pitchfork – July 2016
“Patti Smith Recites Nico Poetry on “Killer Road” From New Album: Listen”
by Evan Minster

Monocle – April 2016
Urban experiences, Times Square and the Amazon”
by Andrew Tuck

The Village Voice – April 2016
“Jungle-ized’ Infuses Times Square With the Sounds of the Amazon”
by Audrea Lim

The Art Newspaper – April 2016
“It’s a jungle out there: interactive installation brings the Amazon to Times Square”
by Gabriella Angeleti

Daily News – April 2016
“Amazon rainforest sounds echo through Times Square in interactive ‘Jungle-ized’ audio exhibit”
by Chris Sommerfeldt

The Guardian – March 2016
“Jungle-ized is massive: artwork brings the Amazon to the concrete jungle”
by Ellen Brait

The New York Times – March 2016
“Jungle-ized is massive: artwork brings the Amazon to the concrete jungle”
by Robin Pogrebin

PRESS – 2015

Kaltblut Magazine – August 2015
“Educate Your Ears”
by Aude Gouaux-Langlois

Il Quotidiano – July 2015
“L’archivio di suoni racconta le storie”
by Marinilde Giannandrea

Corriere Della Sera – July 2015
“Capo d’Arte, l’ambizione di ‘mostrare il suono'”
by Marilena Di Turso

Artribune – July 2015
Capo d’Arte #6 – Altrove: Soundwalk Collective”

L’official Italia – July 2015
“Altrove: Soundwalk Collective”

Flash Art – July 2015
“Soundwalk Collective”
by Antonella Marino

Fantom Editions – July 2015
“Altrove: Soundwalk Collective”

Elle – July 2015
“Patti Smith Omaggia Nico Fra Arte, Musica E Poesia”

Purple TV – May 2015
“Soundwalk Collective Live With Nan Goldin Based On David Wojnarowicz’s “A Memoir Of Disintegration”

Digitalarti – May 2015
“Lyon: La Ville Sonore”
by Laurent Catala

Purple TV – February 2015
“Soundwalk Collective Feat. Patti Smith & Jesse Paris Smith / Killer Road Liveby Barbara Klein”

The Quietus – January 2015
“Not Masochism As A Simplistic Concept: CTM 2015 Reviewed”
by Luke Turner

Berliner Zeitung – January 2015
“Club Transmediale – bloß nicht die Ohren zuhalten!
by Markus Schneider

PRESS – 2014

Art In The City – November 2014
“Durub Al Tawaya: Patti Smith, Killer Road”
by Rachel Bennett

Roots World – November 2014
“Soundwalk Collective, Sons Of The Wind”
by Lee Blackstone

The National UAE – November 2014
“Patti Smith performs Killer Road at Abu Dhabi Art”
by Rob Garrat

The Line Of Best Fit – November 2014
“Patti Smith & Soundwalk Collective – Union Chapel, London 27/10/14”
by Kathleen Prior

Art net News – November 2014
“Patti Smith Will Rock Art Abu Dhabi”
by Cait Munro

Rockshot – November 2014
“Live:: Patti Smith @ Union Chapel”
by Imelda Michalczyk

Morning Star – October 2014
“Memorable Patti Smith Tribute To A Tortured Soul”
by Peter Lindley

Der Tagesspiegel – October 2014
“Jenseits von Ibiza”
by Volker Lüke

It’s Only Music, But Live – October 2014
“Patti Smith & Soundwalk Collective + & Jesse Smith „Killer Road“ @ Volksbühne, Berlin”

dbdbd – October 2014
“Killer Road” by Soundwalk Collective, Jesse & Patti Smith and Blake Carrington…a dynamic and invigorating performance that felt like a purgatorial line between reality and the afterlife”

All About Jazz – October 2014
“Ches Smith, Patti Smith & Jesse Paris Smith”
by Martin Longley

Madeline – October 2014
“Patti Smith Presents Nico”
by Madeline Bocaro

New York Music Daily – October 2014
“A Riveting Patti Smith Premiere at the French Institute”

Rolling Stone – October 2014
“Patti Smith Performs Haunting, Unorthodox Nico Tribute”
by Sarah Grant

The Wire: Below The Radar #17 – August 2014
“Last Beat”

New York Times | Art Beat – June 2014
“A World Premiere From Patti Smith and Her Daughter at Crossing the Line Festival”
Ny Allan Kozinn

Paris Match – May 2014
“Tout Pour La Musique”
by Virginie Luc

Mouvement #72 – January-February 2014
“La Poesie du Chaos”
by Laurent Catala

Numéro Magazine – Winter 2013-2014
by Thibaut Wychowanok

PRESS – 2013

Zoo Magazine #41 – Fall 2013
“I’ll Be Your Mirror”
by Hadley Hudson

Marrakech Mag #7 – August 2013
“La Bande Originale De Vos Voyages”

PRESS – 2012

Orient – November 2012
“Medeas Klänge vs. Hupkonzerte”
by Eckehard Pistrick

Nord éclair – August 2012
“La pêche aux sons à bord de La Péniche”
by Laurie Monietz

Remue – July 2012
by Claude Favre, Remue

The Chemistry Magazine – May 2012
“Review : MEDEA, Voyage immobile réussi par le Soundwalk Collective”
by Yoann Crosnier ‘Solaris – May 2012
“Soundwalk : brillants DJ de nos mémoires”
by Géraldine Bretault

New York Times Style Magazine – May 2012
“The Curatorialist: High Seas Fidelity”
by Emma Reeves

L’EXPRESS – April 2012
“Medea at the Centre Pompidou”
by L’Express

PRESS – 2011

Tsugi – October 2011
“Pêcheurs de Sons, Pirates des Ondes”
by Jean-Yves Leloup

Les inRocks – September 2011
“Soundwalk: l’électro sur les traces de Médée”
by Géraldine Sarratia

Liberation Next – August 2011
“Reportage Embarque Avec Soundwalk Collective”
by Sophian Fanen

Afisha Odessa – August 2011
“The Press Conference With Soundwalk Collective”

Timer – August 2011
“Sounds of Mediterranean, Collected Over 55 Days”
by Oksana Solopova

Odessa – July 2011
“Sounds and Voices of the Coasts Will Be Performed in Odessa in the Project ‘Black Sea’ ”

Odessa City – July 2011
“Odessa Was Invited to the Sound Fishing”

Afrique Hebdo – May 2011
“‘The Passenger’ Thème d’un Spectacle Sonore Consacré Au Maroc”
by Toma

PRESS – 2010

L’Officiel Voyage – December 2010
“Le Syndrome D’Ulysse”
by Guillaume Fédou