PRESS – 2018


Manifesta – June, 2018
“Manifesta12 Collateral Events”

FANTOM – June, 2018
“Soundwalk Collective, Ulysses Syndrome at Manifesta 12”

Institut Francais – June, 2018
“La Sindrome di Ulisse”

Arts Life – June, 2018
“I luoghi magici di Manifesta Palermo”

Le Vie dei Tesori – June, 2018
“Cosa non perdere di Manifesta”

BFI – June, 2018
“Re-sculpting Godard: Soundwalk Collective at play in the JLG sound archive”

Orb Mag – May, 2018
“Ricardo Villalobos, Jan Jelinek and Petre Inspirescu rework Soundwalk Collective’s What We Leave Behind: Jean-Luc Godard Archives”

The Vinyl Factory – May, 2018
“Unravelling the archive: The radical sound of Jean-Luc Godard”

Boomkat – May, 2018
“Soundwalk Collective: What We Leave Behind – Jean-Luc Godard Archives”

Deutschlandfunk Kultur – February, 2018
“Illuminations. Von Soundwalk Collective und Patti Smith”

Radio France – February, 2018
“Illuminations. Sur les traces de Rimbaud en Abyssinie. Immersion au cœur du soufisme avec Soundwalk Collective et Patti Smith”

PRESS – 2017

Der Tagesspiegel – June, 2017
“Stachel im Fleisch”

Frankfurter Allgemeine – June, 2017
“Die Wollust der präzisen Formulierung”

Berliner Morgenpost – June, 2017
“Sasha Waltz zeigt in “Kreatur” Mensch als zerrissenes Wesen”

Berliner Zeitung – June, 2017
“„Kreatur“ im Radialsystem Sasha Waltz feiert erste Uraufführung in Berlin seit 2005”

5elect5 – May, 2017
“FILE 75 // Soundwalk Collective”

documenta14 – April, 2017

Boomkat – April, 2017
“Before Music There Is Blood”

NTS – April, 2017
“Soundwalk Collective”

Carnage News – April, 2017
“Before Music There Is Blood”

NTS – April, 2016
“Soundwalk Collective”

ArtHub – March, 2017
“Fantasy Access Code”

DesignBest – March, 2017
“Fantasy Access Code”

ArchiPanic – March, 2017
“Fantasy Access Code”

XLR8R – February, 2017
“Soundwalk Collective Record Elite Music Students for New Concept Project”

PRESS – 2016

The Art Newspaper – November, 2016
“Three To See: New York”
by Gabriella Angeleti

XLR8R – November, 2016
“Artist Tips: Soundwalk Collective”
by Luke Cheadle

Pop Matters – November, 2016
“Soundwalk Collective Killer Road”
by John Paul

I-D – September, 2016
“Soundwalk Collective: Music To… Question the Definition of Music”
by Alessandra Bondi de Antoni

Pop Matters – September, 2016
“Soundwalk Collective, Jesse Paris Smith and Patti Smith Pay Tribute to Nico’s Haunting Poetry”
by David Chiu

Mxdwn – September, 2016
“Soundwalk Collective & Jesse Paris Smith – Killer Road feat. Patti Smith”
by Drew Pitt

The Village Voice – August 2016
“Patti Smith, Jesse Paris Smith, and Soundwalk Collective Imagine Nico’s Final Hours”
by Judy Berman

Vice – August 2016
“Patti Smith And Her Daughter Cover Nico’s “Fearfully In Danger” And It’s As Amazing As You’d Expect”
by Noisey Staff

NME – August 2016
“Watch as Patti Smith and her daughter pay tribute to Nico on ‘Fearfully In Danger'”
by Rhian Daly

Rolling Stone – August 2016
“Watch Patti Smith Perform Foreboding Nico Tribute ‘Fearfully in Danger'”
by Althea Legaspi

The New York Times – July 2016
“The Playlist: Miranda Lambert Bounces Back and Michelle Obama Sings the Hits”
by Jon Pareles, Ben Ratliff, Jon Caramanica, Nate Chinen

Purple TV – July 2016
“Killer Road By Soundwalk Collective And Jesse Paris Smith Featuring Patti Smith”
by Christian Eede

The Quietus – July 2016
“WATCH: Soundwalk Collective, Patti Smith & Jesse Paris Smith'”
by Christian Eede

Mxdwn – July 2016
“Soundwalk Collective & Jesse Paris Smith Announce New Album Killer Road Featuring Patti Smith”
by Christopher Lee

Dazed Digital – July 2016
“Listen to Patti Smith’s haunting tribute to Nico”
by Anna Cafolla

Rolling Stone – July 2016
“Hear Patti Smith’s Chilling, Ambient Nico Tribute ‘Killer Road'”
by Kory Grow

Pitchfork – July 2016
“Patti Smith Recites Nico Poetry on “Killer Road” From New Album: Listen”
by Evan Minster

Monocle – April 2016
Urban experiences, Times Square and the Amazon”
by Andrew Tuck

The Village Voice – April 2016
“Jungle-ized’ Infuses Times Square With the Sounds of the Amazon”
by Audrea Lim

The Art Newspaper – April 2016
“It’s a jungle out there: interactive installation brings the Amazon to Times Square”
by Gabriella Angeleti

Daily News – April 2016
“Amazon rainforest sounds echo through Times Square in interactive ‘Jungle-ized’ audio exhibit”
by Chris Sommerfeldt

The Guardian – March 2016
“Jungle-ized is massive: artwork brings the Amazon to the concrete jungle”
by Ellen Brait

The New York Times – March 2016
“Jungle-ized is massive: artwork brings the Amazon to the concrete jungle”
by Robin Pogrebin

PRESS – 2015

Kaltblut Magazine – August 2015
“Educate Your Ears”
by Aude Gouaux-Langlois

Il Quotidiano – July 2015
“L’archivio di suoni racconta le storie”
by Marinilde Giannandrea

Corriere Della Sera – July 2015
“Capo d’Arte, l’ambizione di ‘mostrare il suono'”
by Marilena Di Turso

Artribune – July 2015
Capo d’Arte #6 – Altrove: Soundwalk Collective”

L’official Italia – July 2015
“Altrove: Soundwalk Collective”

Flash Art – July 2015
“Soundwalk Collective”
by Antonella Marino

Fantom Editions – July 2015
“Altrove: Soundwalk Collective”

Elle – July 2015
“Patti Smith Omaggia Nico Fra Arte, Musica E Poesia”

Purple TV – May 2015
“Soundwalk Collective Live With Nan Goldin Based On David Wojnarowicz’s “A Memoir Of Disintegration”

Digitalarti – May 2015
“Lyon: La Ville Sonore”
by Laurent Catala

Purple TV – February 2015
“Soundwalk Collective Feat. Patti Smith & Jesse Paris Smith / Killer Road Liveby Barbara Klein”

The Quietus – January 2015
“Not Masochism As A Simplistic Concept: CTM 2015 Reviewed”
by Luke Turner

Berliner Zeitung – January 2015
“Club Transmediale – bloß nicht die Ohren zuhalten!
by Markus Schneider

PRESS – 2014

Art In The City – November 2014
“Durub Al Tawaya: Patti Smith, Killer Road”
by Rachel Bennett

Roots World – November 2014
“Soundwalk Collective, Sons Of The Wind”
by Lee Blackstone

The National UAE – November 2014
“Patti Smith performs Killer Road at Abu Dhabi Art”
by Rob Garrat

The Line Of Best Fit – November 2014
“Patti Smith & Soundwalk Collective – Union Chapel, London 27/10/14”
by Kathleen Prior

Art net News – November 2014
“Patti Smith Will Rock Art Abu Dhabi”
by Cait Munro

Rockshot – November 2014
“Live:: Patti Smith @ Union Chapel”
by Imelda Michalczyk

Morning Star – October 2014
“Memorable Patti Smith Tribute To A Tortured Soul”
by Peter Lindley

Der Tagesspiegel – October 2014
“Jenseits von Ibiza”
by Volker Lüke

It’s Only Music, But Live – October 2014
“Patti Smith & Soundwalk Collective + & Jesse Smith „Killer Road“ @ Volksbühne, Berlin”

dbdbd – October 2014
“Killer Road” by Soundwalk Collective, Jesse & Patti Smith and Blake Carrington…a dynamic and invigorating performance that felt like a purgatorial line between reality and the afterlife”

All About Jazz – October 2014
“Ches Smith, Patti Smith & Jesse Paris Smith”
by Martin Longley

Madeline – October 2014
“Patti Smith Presents Nico”
by Madeline Bocaro

New York Music Daily – October 2014
“A Riveting Patti Smith Premiere at the French Institute”

Rolling Stone – October 2014
“Patti Smith Performs Haunting, Unorthodox Nico Tribute”
by Sarah Grant

The Wire: Below The Radar #17 – August 2014
“Last Beat”

New York Times | Art Beat – June 2014
“A World Premiere From Patti Smith and Her Daughter at Crossing the Line Festival”
Ny Allan Kozinn

Paris Match – May 2014
“Tout Pour La Musique”
by Virginie Luc

Mouvement #72 – January-February 2014
“La Poesie du Chaos”
by Laurent Catala

Numéro Magazine – Winter 2013-2014
by Thibaut Wychowanok

PRESS – 2013

Zoo Magazine #41 – Fall 2013
“I’ll Be Your Mirror”
by Hadley Hudson

Marrakech Mag #7 – August 2013
“La Bande Originale De Vos Voyages”

PRESS – 2012

Orient – November 2012
“Medeas Klänge vs. Hupkonzerte”
by Eckehard Pistrick

Nord éclair – August 2012
“La pêche aux sons à bord de La Péniche”
by Laurie Monietz

Remue – July 2012
by Claude Favre, Remue

The Chemistry Magazine – May 2012
“Review : MEDEA, Voyage immobile réussi par le Soundwalk Collective”
by Yoann Crosnier ‘Solaris – May 2012
“Soundwalk : brillants DJ de nos mémoires”
by Géraldine Bretault

New York Times Style Magazine – May 2012
“The Curatorialist: High Seas Fidelity”
by Emma Reeves

L’EXPRESS – April 2012
“Medea at the Centre Pompidou”
by L’Express

PRESS – 2011

Tsugi – October 2011
“Pêcheurs de Sons, Pirates des Ondes”
by Jean-Yves Leloup

Les inRocks – September 2011
“Soundwalk: l’électro sur les traces de Médée”
by Géraldine Sarratia

Liberation Next – August 2011
“Reportage Embarque Avec Soundwalk Collective”
by Sophian Fanen

Afisha Odessa – August 2011
“The Press Conference With Soundwalk Collective”

Timer – August 2011
“Sounds of Mediterranean, Collected Over 55 Days”
by Oksana Solopova

Odessa – July 2011
“Sounds and Voices of the Coasts Will Be Performed in Odessa in the Project ‘Black Sea’ ”

Odessa City – July 2011
“Odessa Was Invited to the Sound Fishing”

Afrique Hebdo – May 2011
“‘The Passenger’ Thème d’un Spectacle Sonore Consacré Au Maroc”
by Toma

PRESS – 2010

L’Officiel Voyage – December 2010
“Le Syndrome D’Ulysse”
by Guillaume Fédou