Angry God
Multi-channel audiovisual installation
Eglise Saint Marie-Madeleine, Lille
Soundwalk Collective ‘Angry God’
Film by Stephan Crasneanscki
Cinematography: Éponine Momenceau
Visual Collage: Brian Close


Eglise Sainte-Marie Madeleine, lille (FR)

Featuring amazon rainforest sound environments and evolved audio materials by FRANCISCO LÓPEZ

ANGRY GOD takes the form of a bewitching acoustic plunge into the heart of the Amazon rainforest, a once immaculate landscape where communities and elements evolved in perfect harmony, to the tune of a powerfully inspiring symphony of wilderness.
By imposing his own reality onto the world, every day man kills a little bit of the natural world, which, in an impossible equilibrium, gradually dwindles and disappears, becoming no more than an echo of a world in negative.
For Angry God, Soundwalk Collective embarked on the curves of the Amazon, going upstream and back in time to question the relationship of man to nature, of man to his own nature, and the fundamental notion of the sacred. The Angry God film was made in the heart of the Amazonian night in negative and to awaken minds to climate change and the impacts of human activity. Angry God invites the spectator to use their phone to restore nature to its positive state. In parallel, between 2015 and 2018, Soundwalk Collective made a series of nighttime audio recordings in collaboration with Francisco López in the most distant parts of the Amazon, in Peru on the Brazilian border. Arranged for an immersive sound installation using a 14-channel sound system, Angry God also evokes the invisible, indivisible, sacred energy source that exists between animals, trees, and the air. In a slow dissolution, the melodies strikingly integrate nature’s dense sonic tapestry, from which emerge forest spirits and sacred songs of the Shipibo shamans, leaving behind them an evanescent mist that reflects, perhaps, the failure and error of man’s desire to control nature. Divine in its permanence and its own harmony, nature always reclaims its rights.

Composition and sound installation: Soundwalk Collective
Film by Stephan Crasneanscki
Cinematography: Éponine Momenceau
Visual collage: Brian Close (Georgia)
Buchla: Hans Tammen
Sound technology by L-Acoustics