»Exodos« Sasha Waltz & Guests © Carolin Saage
Sasha Waltz’s ‘EΞΟΔΟΣ I Exodos’
Music by Soundwalk Collective

with Original Score by Soundwalk Collective

Radialsystem V Berlin, Ruhrtriennale Bochum (DE)

Soundwalk Collective’s composition for Sasha Waltz’s »EΞΟΔΟΣ I Exodos« uses recordings from various public environments and socially sensitive contexts as sources of sound to explore both our individual and collective positioning on the ‘inside’ versus the ‘outside’ of a system.

By placing microphones on the margins of a building or a landscape – along the line of a border capturing immigrants’ radio communications; on the surface walls of a dance club producing rippling waves of acoustic vibration; at Ground Zero – the Collective records simultaneously inwards and outwards. This adopted dichotomy presents us with the understanding that while we share the same collective spaces and their sounds, our perception and interpretation of the sound is unique.

The sound defines where we are standing. In or out of a structure, of a system, of a border; or part of a collective experience. It questions where we are positioned.

The Collective uses instruments from the Atelier Baschet, designed specifically to transduce the architectural recordings of the dance clubs into musical abstractions, reflecting the sense of space that is left behind in the margin, the assonances or dissonances that we harmonise with.

The composition features recordings from the Twin Towers, Berghain (Berlin), DC10 (Ibiza), the Atelier Baschet (Paris), the S.Pietro a Majella Conservatory of Music (Napoli); immigrants’ crossings in the Mediterranean Sea and from Sub Saharan regions at the port of Tangier.

Original score by Soundwalk Collective
with recordings from the Atelier Baschet, Paris
Concept and artistic direction: Stephan Crasneanscki
Additional composition and arrangement: Simone Merli
Baschet instruments installation and recording: Nicolas Becker
Additional programming and sequencing: Andrew Claristidge
‘The Wave’: composed and produced by Vladislav Delay with recordings from the Atelier Baschet, Paris; arranged by Vladislav Delay and Simone Merli
‘The Structure’ and ‘Nation Zombies’: composed and produced by Stephan Crasneanscki, Kamran Sadeghi, Simone Merli
All Baschet instruments performed by Stephan Crasneanscki and Nicolas Becker.
Special thanks: Frederic Fradet at Atelier Baschet, Nicolas Becker