Soundwalk Collective & David de Rothschild

April 1-30 Times Square, NYC
Sound Installation: Noon to Midnight
Midnight Moment: 11:57pm to Midnight


An interactive sonic visual art installation in Times Square celebrating Earth Month, April 1-30, 2016 in collaboration with a Voice for Nature. Featuring Amazon Rainforest Sound Environments Recorded by Francisco López. Premium audio listening experiences available through Audio-Technica headphones. Photo and film captured with the Nikon D750  and Nikkor lenses.

An interactive multi-sensory art installation that will transform Times Square, transporting over half a million visitors daily to the heart of the Amazon, by following the 73rd Meridian West that connects Times Square with the Amazon rainforest. Presented in partnership with The Times Square Advertising Coalition (TSAC), Times Square Arts, Audio-Technica, The Lost Explorer and CXA+ART, this immersive installation includes a participatory audio experience and an interactive video not only to encourage and celebrate a conversation with nature but to bring a heightened awareness around climate change and the environmental impact of our everyday actions.

Download the free JUNGLE-IZED App from www.jungle-ized.com, the Apple App Store, or the Google Play Store. Borrow a set of premium Audio-Technica headphones at the JUNGLE-IZED kiosk in Times Square on 7th Avenue between 43rd and 44th Street.

Kiosk hours of operation: Noon to Midnight

Start the App, touch the screen, plug in your headphones and begin a journey through an interactive sound installation that superimposes the Amazon ecosystem upon an eight square block area of Times Square. You can walk between 43rd and 47th Streets, 6th and 8th Avenues. Each street represents a different time of the day or the night in the Amazon sound environment. You will move deeper into the night as you walk North, and deeper into the rainforest as you walk East or West, until you will find the sound of the Amazon river, the boundary of your experience.