Capo D'arte
Altrove: Soundwalk Collective
A retrospective exhibition

July 26 - August 29, 2015
Exhibition Opening on July 25, 2015; 19:00h

For the first time, Capo d’Arte features the sonic research linked to sound art, exploring the imagery of the Soundwalk Collective, a group of international artists/composers based in Berlin and New York, whose artistic mission shifts between nomadism, documentation and the acts of recording and listening.

The practice of the Soundwalk Collective draws on the reflections of Erik Satie and John Cage, on urban situationist explorations and the latest research into sound, to create a dialogue between music, imagery, nature and culture.
The works by the collective are long compositions originating from ‘field recordings’, i.e. environmental recordings carried out in the most far-flung corners of the world: from the Amazon rain forest to the music schools of Naples and Shanghai, from the desert of Rub-al Khali to the Black Sea. Places where Crasneanscki, Merli and Sadeghi – often accompanied by their collaborators and other artists – live for extended periods of time with the aim of grasping and recounting their subtle sonar dimensions in great depth, through compositions that bring together anthropology, ethnography, non-linear narratives, psycho-geography and the exploration of the notion/practice of recording and listening to music.

The exhibition foresees the creation of ‘immersive’ spaces in which visitors will travel far afield - or discover entirely new dimensions of nearby worlds - while listening to the most diverse sounds.
For Before Music There Is Blood, the Collective has entered the classrooms of the three of the most prestigious music conservatories around the World - the Shanghai Conservatory of Music (China), The N. A. Rimsky-Korsakov Saint Petersburg State Conservatory (Russia) and the Conservatorio di Musica S. Pietro a Majella in Napoli - and has recorded hundreds of hours of students practicing and rehearsing, in their utopian quest for excellence and virtuosity. Medea is the result of an epic circumnavigation of the Black Sea over two months - reaching into countries as different as Turkey, Georgia, Russia, Crimea, Ukraine, Romania and Bulgaria - on an old sailing boat equipped with audio-scanners capable of picking up all the sound waves on the sea surface. Finally, Purple Lips, is an intimate sound exploration of the last day of Nico from The Velvet Underground on the Ibiza island. The composition features the unique voice of Patti Smith whispering the last unpublished poem of Nico, sustained by the sound of the harmonium and the music of the unique 500 pipe organ built especially by Jean Guillou for the Music Conservatory of Napoli.